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Monday, April 10, 2006

Test Driven Development and ObjectiveView magazine

This blog is going to focus on two excellent websites I have found
I found a site called testdriven.com, it is based on the concept of Test Driven development.  Which is a process which I am trying to bring into my programming style.  The website (http://www.testdriven.com/modules/news/) has a lot of information on it and has a very useful
Whilst looking on the Test Driven Website it informed me that objectreview has its latest free (I love that word) This link will show you the details of their last 9 episodes
I have signed up.  The pdf issues have lots of interesting articles on and are well worth reading and signing up to.  The last two episodes particularly interest me, here is a summary of the last issues
Issue 9 of ObjectiveView magazine is now out - with articles on Ruby, Rails, AspectJ and Ajax. Of particular interest to test-driven development fans is the Rails article, which describes how to do TDD using Rails.

Issue 8 also contains two articles of interest to TDDers: Unit Testing by Elfreide Dustin, and Combining TDD with more traditional UML approaches by Matt Stephens.


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