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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Don’t let Article Overload Ruin Your SCJP Study

Whist studying for the SCJP Java 5 exam, I have come across a lot of articles and chapters and some times I found I was spending to much time downloading and finding sample chapters and articles that I never have any time to read them.

I also use to have the problem of downloading articles or sample chapters and then forgetting where I downloaded it to. So later when it comes to the time when I would like to look at the chapter I downloaded its not where to be found and off I go onto the internet searching for it again and then I am back into the vicious circle of chasing interesting links and not reading anything useful. It reminds me of an episode of Red Dwarf when Arnold Rimmer spent all episode constantly re doing his study plan that in the end he re wrote it so many times that he didn't have any time left to study.

I decided to do something about it, so I created a folder called SCJP and then inside that directory I created a folder for each of the main topics in the exam

1. Declarations, Initializations and Scoping

2. Flow Control

3. API Contents

4. Concurrency

5. OO Concepts

6. Collections / Generics

7. Fundamentals

So now if I find a sample chapter on Generics I can save it into the folder called

So when I do sit down to do some revision about Generics I can look in that folder and see what resources I have.

The other tip I will give you is

Make sure you read the articles and not just down load them into a fancy directory structure like me ;-)

If anyone has any tips or advice regarding the exam please add them some comments to this post


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