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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

SCJP 5 - Collections / Generics Resources

I found this very good link to a Generics and Collections tutorial for people studying for their SCJP Java 5 exam. I think Generics and collections can be quite difficult due to the number of tricky facts you have to learn.

Generics in particular is quite difficult because it is quite different from the normal Java code and firstly puts in the odd looking angled brackets <> and then also uses extends to mean interfaces and classes. It also has a number of gotcha's regarding the type of classes that can be passed into a generic method/class. Generics can be quite restrictive which can create some very tricky exam questions, so all the extra information is welcome.

SCJP 5 : Chapter 6. Collections / Generics (Part 1)
SCJP 5 : Chapter 6. Collections / Generics (Part 2)
SCJP 5 : Chapter 6. Collections / Generics (Part 3)
SCJP 5 : Chapter 6. Collections / Generics (Part 4)

I have posted information other blog entries with resource links for generics before, here are the links if you need some more information





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