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Monday, November 20, 2006

The Average Salary for Java Developers

Every now and then I like to have a look at what the average wage is for a Java developer, I found quite an interesting site with a lot of statistics on. I am like everyone else and love statistics to look at, although every time I look at these statistics they seem quite high, especially considering they have another section for contract work. here is the link

and below are the more interesting statistics taken from the website link above.


This section looks at the demand for Java skills across the UK with a comparison to our Programming Languages category. Included is a guide to the average salaries offered in IT job ads that have cited Java over the last 3 month to 20 November 2006 with a comparison to the same period last year.


3 Months to
20 November 2006
Same Period
Last Year
Rank Change on Same Period Last Year+3
Matching Permanent IT Job Ads3329629274
As % of All UK Permanent IT Job Ads Sampled15.51 %14.02 %
As % of Category35.23 %32.64 %
Salaries Quoted2358922104
Average Minimum Salary£43,726£43,695
Average Salary
% Change on Same Period Last Year
+0.62 %
Average Maximum Salary£52,900£52,334

Programming Languages

Matching Permanent IT Job Ads9451089675
As % of All UK Permanent IT Job Ads Sampled44.02 %42.95 %
Salaries Quoted6759669274
Average Minimum Salary£38,633£38,861
Average Salary
% Change on Same Period Last Year
-0.14 %
Average Maximum Salary£46,087£45,986

Java Average Salaries

This section looks at the demand and provides a guide to the average salaries quoted in IT job ads citing Java within the UK region over the last 3 months to 20 November 2006.

England +331928£48,628+0.44 %
Scotland -1696£34,642+5.48 %
Wales +2281£31,472-17.28 %
Northern Ireland -443£35,797+10.30 %
Isle of Man +76£39,200+35.17 %
Channel Islands -151--
RCRank change on same period last yearSCAverage salary % change on same period last year
JAMatching permanent IT job adsASAverage salary

Java Related IT Skills
Top 20

Over the last 6 months permanent IT job ads across the UK citing Java also mentioned the following IT skills in order of popularity. The figures indicate the number of IT job ads and their proportion against the total number of ads sampled citing Java.
131498 (38.50 %)J2EE
222217 (27.16 %)SQL
321498 (26.28 %)UNIX
421368 (26.12 %)XML
521023 (25.70 %)Oracle
620439 (24.98 %)Finance
718660 (22.81 %)C++
818480 (22.59 %)Banking
916815 (20.55 %)Degree
1014833 (18.13 %)OO
1113380 (16.35 %).NET
1213159 (16.08 %)C#
1311514 (14.07 %)JSP
149895 (12.09 %)HTML
159510 (11.62 %)Sybase
169481 (11.59 %)UML
179222 (11.27 %)Linux
189125 (11.15 %)SQL Server
198823 (10.78 %)Windows
208694 (10.63 %)Front Office

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