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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

should/would you put your blog on your CV?

At the start of the year I often update my CV, well to be honest it's a bit of lie because I look at it and then update a little bit but nothing to dramatic.

Anyway whilst updating my CV and adding in the fact I passed my SCJP 5 exam last year and then wondering if any would be employers would be impressed with it?

I have posted various blogs about being certified which are here if you fancy a read

Is certification becoming less popular as developer retention becomes more important?

Does passing SCJP 5 exam make you a better programmer

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being certified is getting away from my original point, although if you would like to hear my opinion I don't think it hurts getting certified because if nothing else it sets you CV apart from some other candidates but most developers realise that being certified doesn't really say anything about the quality of your code.

Back to the question

Should you put your blog on your CV?

I suppose it depends on what is on your blog, if its a personal blog it may contain some comments/statements that could offend or give your potential employee some second thoughts. Of course on the other hand it could also show what a well round person you are.

A technical blog on the other hand is a different story. I see it as a way to show a potential employer you technical skills because as we know a lot of people talk a good game on their CV but the skills they put down on their CV don't always materialise when you put them down in front of a computer and get them to do some work :-)

Another point is that whether you put down your blog on your CV or not they will probably find it (especially if its popular) because I blogged about the effect of Google before. A lot of employees will type in your name into Google if they are going to interview you and then see what turns up. A lot of people also type in their own name into Google, this is called "ego surfing". Here is a link to a blog post I wrote about it a while ago

I'm not sure of the law regarding blogs and employees etc because I have been talked to by an employer asking me to be careful about the contents of my blog, which was initially quite a shock because I had no idea they knew I had a blog, let alone that they read it.

Personally I think it would be okay to put your blog onto your CV because I have certainly learnt a lot by blogging about Java and I think having a blog shows that you are a person who likes to learn and a person who likes to give back some knowledge to the Java community. These are both good qualities in which I think employers would be interested in. Of course they would probably be shocked by my atrocious spelling and grammar but I would ask them if they are reading this now to look at the content and remember when programming it's not vital to be able to spell well.

I would like to know what people think out there, does anyone else have a link to their blog on their CV, I don't think I have ever really seen a link to a blog, a few websites but not a blog, yet......


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