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Saturday, June 24, 2006

The frantic checking in of code before a weeks holiday

I'm off for a weeks holiday so there will be no blogging for me for a week. It is always a bit of a panic the day before you take a weeks holiday.

The frantic checking in of all code

trying to tie up all the loose ends

It's always a big motivator when you can see the finish line and know its just one last push. Of course on the other side there is that thought which says well I don't mind what work the development team gets in because I am not here, it does'nt effect me.

I had to pass my work on to my fellow developer, it's a bit of an awkward situation when you have to pass on some work for someone else to finish. It's always difficult because you first have to understand what the code should be doing and then what the code is doing and finally how to change it so it's doing what it should be doing. Anyway sorry about that if you are reading this.

It was interesting handing the code over because I wrote an email to explain the flow of the program I had written. Doing this gives you a good overview of your code and lets you review it a bit. I was pleased with the way most of it was designed and implemented. So hopefully my fellow developer should pick up the baton fairly easily.

Of course this handing over of work never goes smoothly and there is always the horror story of someone having a file checked out or a file not checked into source control but is only on their local machine. This can be a danger of everyone working on their own machine, you can't always identify the dependencies. This was one of the reason we recently brought in a weekly build at work, so we can test everyones latest code works and compiles with each other's code.

So for the small fan base who read my blog, you too will also have a week off from reading my blog, hopefully the break shall do us both good. Of course a week seems like a really long time at the moment, it will probably only feel like 2 days when I'm actually there before I'm dragged back to work.

It's an interesting time for me to go on holiday with regards to my blog because this blog entry


got more people onto my blog than a six weeks month of blogging about other topics. Still it will probably mean that people might bop along to read that from their link in delicious or digg etc and the blog traffic will still be the same.


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